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New to health insurance in France? Essential practices for expats

Navigating the French healthcare system

As an expat in France, understanding and efficiently navigating the health insurance is crucial for your well-being. From quick reimbursements to unlocking the benefits and assistance provided by health insurance, adopting a few simple yet strategic practices can make a significant difference. Here’s a guide to help you embrace these good reflexes. 

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New to Health Insurance in France Essential Practices for Expats

Activate your Ameli account

Your Ameli account is your personal healh insurance hub. By activating it, you gain access to over 40 online procedures that streamline your healthcare experience. From checking reimbursements to ordering a new carte vitale, the Ameli account keeps you in control. Whether through the web or the mobile app, managing your health-related tasks becomes more accessible than ever. 

Declare a general practitioner (GP)

Appointing a GP is more than a formality, it’s a key to better reimbursements and enhanced medical care. With a designated GP, you enjoy 70% reimbursement rate instead of 30%. Establishing a relationship with a doctor who understands your healh history ensures tailored medical attention. Learn more about the process and significance on the dedicated page for choosing and declaring your GP on this blog post

Communicate and update your personal information

Snooth reimbursements are facilitated through the provision of your banking information (RIB). Registering or updating your RIB via the Ameli account guarantees that your reimbursements are deposited directly into your bank account. Regularly updating this information ensures a hassle-free reimbursement process. 

Update your carte vitale

Life changes such as moving or getting married necessitate updates to your carte vitale. This card, containing crucial personal information, is vital for timely reimbursement of healthcare cost. Keep it updated at the pharmacy or through your Ameli account to ensure a seamless reimbursement process. 

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Utilise contact channels or online simulator

Health insurance provides various channels for information and support. From the official website and Ameli account to tutorials on YouTube and a dedicated forum, staying informed has never been easier. Additionally, simulators on the website assist in estimating rights related to daily allowances and complementary health insurance, offering valuable insights with just a few clicks. 

Download the Ameli account app

Take control of your health management with the Ameli account app on your smarphone. Access services, find doctors and healthcare establishments, and stay updated on prices and specialities. The app empowers you with real-time information, ensuring you make informed decisions about your healthcare. 

Download on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store.

Final notes

Mastering these essential practices ensures that as an expat in France, you are well-equipped to managed your health effectively. From activating your ameli account to utilising online resources and maintaining updated information, these good reflexes pave the way for a seamless and efficient healthcare experience in your new home. 

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