Expert Fiscal Representation Services

Unlock savings and ensure fair treatment with Ibanista’s expert Fiscal Representation services in France. Selling your second home in France, valued at over 150,000 €, comes with the obligation to appoint a Fiscal Representative. At Ibanista, we understand that navigating the complexities of this process is crucial, and we are here to ensure that you not only comply with regulations but also receive fair treatment throughout.

Fiscal Representation Services

The challenge: Navigating fiscal representation in France

Unpredictable quotes

With only 9 accredited firms in France, obtaining quotes for fiscal representation can be a challenging task. Notaires are not bound by a strict review process, leading to inconsistent and sometimes inflated quotes, impacting your bottom line.

Social charges dilemma

Access to a lower rate of social charges is essential, yet it remains an uphill battle without the right expertise. Many property owners find themselves paying more than necessary due to a lack of guidance.

Maximising allowable costs

The Fiscal Representative holds a pivotal role in calculating taxes, often resulting in an incentive to be overly cautious on allowable costs. This caution can lead to missed opportunities for you to maximise allowable costs on the sale of your property.

Language barrier hassles

The language barrier between clients and notaires/Fiscal representatives can turn the entire process into a frustrating experience. Funds may be held back without clear explanations, adding unnecessary stress to an already intricate situation.

Ibanista's Expert Fiscal Representation Services

Ibanista's solution: Your trusted partner in fiscal representation

At Ibanista, we have developed a streamlined approach to address these challenges and ensure our clients receive the fair treatment they deserve.

Transparent and affordable pricing

We have cultivated strong relationships with three smaller, reliable fiscal representatives in France. This not only allows us to maintain transparent communication but also guarantees consistently competitive quotes, ensuring you pay below 0.45% of your property price.

Access to lower social charges

Our expertise in fiscal representation ensures that you benefit from a lower rate of social charges, saving you money on the sale of your property.

Maximising allowable costs

Ibanista works diligently to remove friction in attributing allowable costs against your completion statement. Our proactive approach ensures that you can maximise allowable costs without unnecessary hindrances.

Bridging the communication gap

We understand the importance of effective communication. Ibanista acts as a liaison between our clients and fiscal representatives, overcoming language barriers and preventing potential frustrations in the process. With us, you'll have a clear understanding of every step taken.

Choose Ibanista for a smooth and fair fiscal representation experience

Selling your second home in France should be a positive and profitable experience. With Ibanista by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll receive fair treatment, transparent pricing, and expert guidance throughout the fiscal representation process. Unlock savings and maximize your allowable costs with Ibanista today.