Discover Ibanista, your trusted partner for currency exchange

Ibanista is a specialist foreign currency provider based in London.

The team is built from 15 years of experience, working within legacy foreign exchange brokerages, who have helped thousands of individuals and business transfer their money abroad.

We have taken the best of what Fintech has to offer to allow expats around the world to live life to the fullest and businesses to thrive on an international scale.

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Your dream. Our mission

By collaborating with reputable UK-based and France-based Fintech firms, duly regulated by HMRC and FCA, we have the capability to offer advantageous wholesale currency exchange rates to both individuals and businesses.

Our bespoke solutions are designed to protect our clients from currency fluctuations, ensuring their plans remain on track. Discover how our partnership-driven approach and specialised currency protection solutions can benefit your financial needs today.

Meet the Ibanista team

Ready to experience seamless and efficient foreign currency exchange?

Benjamin Small

Ben Small - Ibanista Founder

With a robust background encompassing 8 years in the industry, Ben spearheaded major sales desks at two renowned brokers in London. Recognizing the need for a nimble and customer-centric approach, he harnessed his wealth of knowledge to establish Ibanista.

Ben envisions a future where the payments industry evolves seamlessly, and he thrives on the agility of our business to adapt swiftly to changes. Embracing innovation, he has crafted a space where premium services meet the dynamic demands of our valued private and corporate clients.

Want to contact Ben? 
Mobile phone: 07 921 522 504
Email address: [email protected]

Alexandra Lhomond

Alex Lhomond - Marketing Manager at Ibanista

With a rich background as an e-commerce Marketing Manager in the retail sector, Alexandra brings a wealth of expertise to the Ibanista team. Fluent in both French and English, this native French dynamo embarked on her UK journey seven years ago.

In 2023, Alexandra joined Ibanista, driven by a passion to elevate our digital presence. Her strategic insights and bilingual prowess converge to steer our online engagement, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience for our valued clients.