Partner with Ibanista

Partnering with Ibanista is a mutually beneficial endeavour. By joining forces, you not only enhance the services you offer your clients but also open up new avenues for business growth. Our streamlined process and flexible approach empower you to tailor our partnership to your specific goals.

Partners with Ibanista
Partner with Ibanista for your clients

By referring your clients to us you’ll be helping them benefit from:

  •   Excellent exchange rates
  •   No transfer fees
  •   Fantastic customer service
  •   Fast and efficient transfers
  •   Tailored currency transfer services


Contact the team
Email us at [email protected]  or phone us at +44 203 376 5117

Why partner with us

Collaboration with Ibanista brings a wealth of advantages to your business:

Revenue share

Earn a fair revenue share for every client you refer to us, recognising the value you bring to our partnership.

Product diversification

Expand your service portfolio by offering your clients a new range of products, enhancing your business' value proposition.

Dedicated account management

Gain access to a dedicated Account Manager who will be your point of contact, ensuring all your questions are promptly addressed.

How it works

Referral Partnerships
Leverage your existing marketing channels to refer clients to us, unlocking a new revenue stream for your business.

Drawing on years of experience, our Partnership Team is poised to help you seize opportunities and optimise our collaboration. 

How partnering with Ibanista works

Get started today

To explore the possibilities of partnering with Ibanista, contact our team via email at [email protected] or give us a call at +44 203 376 5117. We look forward to creating a prosperous partnership tailored to your unique needs and objectives.