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MaPrimeRénov’: The bonus for energy renovation in France

If you are an expat owning a property in France or considering the move, understanding the intricacies of energy renovation incentives is crucial. MaPrimeRénov’ is a government initiative designed to assist property owners in undertaking energy efficiency projects. This replaces the former tax credit for energy transition (CITE) and Anah’s ‘Living better agility’ and ‘Living better serenity’ aids. 

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MaPrimeRénov' The bonus for energy renovation in France

What is MaPrimeRénov'?

Launched on January 1, 2020, MaPrimeRénov’ is a public assistance program aimed at all homeowners, including co-ownerships, with properties at least 15 years old. It focuses on improving the energy performance of main residences, whether occupied by the owner or a tenant.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is accessible to all owners, regardless of income, whether they reside in the property or rent it out. Landlords can apply for up to three accommodations, rented out over a five-year period. If you wish to benefit from MaPrimeRénov’ as a landlord, you agree:

  • to rend your home as a main residence for a period equal to or greater than five years and for eight months per year (duration calculated from the day of payment of the renovation bonus)
  • to inform the tenant of the completion of work financed by the bonus
  • in the event of a reassessment of the rent, to deduct the amount of the premium from the total amount of work justifying this reassessment and to inform your tenant.

MaPrimeRénov’ is also accessible to co-owners for work in common areas or work of collective interest carried out on private areas (for example, window insulation).

What types of work are covered with MaPrimeRénov'?

MaPrimeRénov’ provides financial support for a range of crucial energy renovation projects. This includes insulation, heating, ventilation, and energy audits in both individual homes and apartments within collective housing. To qualify, the work must be conducted by accredited as RGE (recognised environmental guarantors), ensuring the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

The assistance is determined by considering household income and the ecological impact the renovations will have. It’s important to note that the amount of the premium is predefined, streamlining the application process. 

Profiles and categories

The program classifies households into distinct profiles or colour-coded categories, ranging from the most economically challenged to the more affluent. These profiles are:

  • MaPrimeRénov’Bleu
  • MaPrimeRénov’Jaune
  • MaPrimeRénov’Violet
  • MaPrimeRénov’Rose

For projects undertaken by co-ownerships, a separate category, MaPrimeRénov’Copropriété, ensures that the scales are appropriately adjusted. 

Utilise the Simul'Aid€s Simulator

To precisely ascertain your profile and the level of aid you’re eligible for, the Simul’Aid€s simulator is a valuable tool. It guides you through a series of questions about your renovation project and personal circumstances, providing you with accurate information regarding the potential assistance.

Access the Simul’Aid€s simulator here. This resource empowers you to make informed decisions about your energy renovation endeavours, ensuring you receive the support you need.

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How to apply for MaPrimeRénov'?

Applying for MaPrimeRénov’ is a straightforward process, designed to make energy renovation projects accessible to all homeowners. Here is a breakdown of how to make the most invaluable support:

1- Visit the official website: Head over to the official website to access the MaPrimeRénov’ application portal.

2- Determine your eligibility: Familiarise yourself with the various components of MaPrimeRénov’:

  • My Serenity Renovation Bonus: This component is tailored for owner-occupiers with modest or very modest incomes, aiming to achieve a minimum energy saving of 35%. Work ceilings have been enhanced from 30,000 € to 35,000 €.
  • My Co-ownership Renovation Bonus: This option is available for collective housing projects, enabling comprehensive energy renovation with a minimum saving of 35%. Ceilings have been elevated from 15,000 € to 25,000 €. Additionally, individual premiums for residents within the co-ownership are doubled, reaching 3,000 € for very modest owners and 1,500 € for those in the modest category.
  • Comprehensive Renovation Packages: These packages target households with intermediate (purple) and higher (pink) resources, encouraging extensive home renovations. The packages have been amplified, increasing from 7,000 € to 10,000 €, and from 3,500 € to 5,000 €, respectively

3- Evaluation your project: Before applying, carefully assess the eligibility of your planned renovation work and verify the amount of aid you’re entitled to based on your profile.

Combining MaPrimeRénov' with other aids

This bonus can be combined with other energy renovation aids like Energy Saving Certificates (CEE) and local authority grants. Additionally, it can be coupled with an eco-PTZ (energy-efficient loan) and even the energy check. Moreover, renovations under MaPrimeRénov’ are subject to a reduced VAT rate of 5.5%.

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