Your viewing trip to France guide

Unveil the ultimate potential of your viewing trip through this meticulously crafted guide. It unfolds the essential steps to master the journey, introducing you to the indispensable experts who will guide you. Embarking on a successful viewing trip is paramount to securing your ideal property.

Your viewing trip to France guide

The essence of viewing trips

Unraveling the core of a viewing trip:

  • Define your requirements:  prepare for your journey by honing your desired location and setting a budget.
  • Unveiling the “Golden Three”: how partnering with an estate agent, currency exchange expert, and independent solicitor enriches your property pursuit.
  • Decoding the view: optimal viewing trip choices, whether accompanied by an estate agent, a developer, or adventuring solo.


A viewing trip is akin to a sneak preview, a brief sojourn in your prospective property’s country. Just as you wouldn’t acquire a UK home sight unseen, the same applies to properties abroad, whether it’s France, Italy, Greece, or beyond. It’s your chance to immerse yourself in the location and explore the available properties.

Crafting an effective viewing trip involves myriad aspects – duration of stay, the decision to engage an estate agent or go self-guided, and more. Empower your plans through our trusted partners, ensuring your time and effort aren’t squandered on properties misaligned with your taste or budget.

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