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Top tips for navigating divorce and child relocation post-Brexit!

In the latest episode of the “Just Jump” podcast, hosted by Benjamin Small, we had the privilege of sitting down with Françoise Bonnaillie-Valmorin, a distinguished legal professional with a unique background. Françoise is not only a practicing lawyer at the Barreau de Paris and Barreau de Toulouse but also a Solicitor in England and Wales. She runs her firm, fbvfamilylaw.co.uk, specializing in family law matters that span international borders.

Cross-qualification journey

Françoise shared her inspiring journey of cross-qualification, transitioning from a practicing French lawyer to becoming a qualified English Solicitor. She emphasized the importance of motivation and dedication, recounting her experience of studying and preparing for exams, including a challenging one on common law. Françoise highlighted the misconception that moving to a new country means abandoning one’s profession, emphasizing the potential to transfer existing skills and livelihoods.

Expertise and efficiency

Having dual qualifications allows Françoise to swiftly navigate between French and English legal systems. Her expertise lies in areas such as divorce proceedings, marital contracts, child relocation, and unique cases involving cross-border issues like surrogacy. Françoise underlined the significance of “forum shopping,” tailoring legal strategies based on the jurisdiction that best serves the client’s objectives.

Insights into cross-border living

Françoise shared valuable insights into the challenges faced by British expats in France, especially post-Brexit. She acknowledged the complexity introduced by Brexit and highlighted the importance of understanding the nuances of legal concepts such as domicile. Françoise encouraged individuals to embrace mediation and collaborative approaches, fostering communication and reducing the adversarial nature of legal proceedings.

Family-focused legal practice

With a passion for family law, Françoise discussed her commitment to supporting families during emotional and challenging times. She emphasized the need for patience, understanding, and ethical considerations in her role. Françoise detailed her approach, incorporating collaborative law and mediation to facilitate smoother transitions for families undergoing change.

Life in Occitanie

Françoise, currently based in Toulouse, shared her love for the Occitanie region, praising its laid-back atmosphere and delicious cuisine. She highlighted the advantages of remote working, especially during the pandemic, enabling her to seamlessly practice law in both England and France.

Connecting with Françoise

For those seeking legal advice or with specific questions, Françoise encourages reaching out through her website, fbvfamilylaw.co.uk. Her email address is readily available on the site, offering an easy and direct means of communication.

Françoise Bonnaillie-Valmorin’s journey exemplifies the possibilities that open up when one combines professional expertise with a passion for helping others navigate complex legal landscapes. Her commitment to bridging legal gaps between countries and fostering understanding in family matters shines through in this insightful episode of “Just Jump.”

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