Why France is a dream retirement haven for Americans?

Today, we have a special guest on the Just Jump Podcast, Amy Witherbee from Sanderling Expat Advisors. If you’ve ever considered making the leap to living abroad or have questions about financial planning for expats, you’re in for a treat. Find out why France is a dream retirement destination for Americans.

You can reach out to Amy at [email protected], and don’t hesitate to explore their website Sanderling Expat here.

Getting to know Amy and the journey to France

Benjamin kicks off the conversation by delving into Amy’s backstory. Amy, with her background in the U.S. financial advisory realm, noticed the complexities faced by dual-national households. Fast forward to the pandemic, Amy and her team decided to make the bold move to France. Their goal? Specialise in providing advice to Americans or those with American ties. The shift wasn’t just geographical; it was a strategic move based on their expertise.

Breaking the expat story down

Amy’s expat story is fascinating for a couple of reasons. First, she emphasises the importance of having a clear business plan based on existing clients before making the move. This is a crucial point, as many individuals contemplating a move struggle with uncertainty about their future endeavours. Amy’s experience proves that with proper planning, you can carry your skill set and seamlessly transition your career to a new country.

Overcoming perceived obstacles

Benjamin digs deeper into the psyche of making such a monumental move. Why does it feel overwhelming for many Americans to contemplate working abroad, especially in a country like France? Amy attributes it to a mix of stubbornness and asking the right questions. Instead of questioning whether it’s possible, she suggests asking how to make it happen. Amy emphasises the evolving landscape of resources available for those contemplating such a leap, provided by both France and the EU.

Family and friends reaction

Unpacking the reactions of family and friends, Amy shares that her adventurous spirit might have softened the surprise factor. However, she notes that many didn’t believe the move was permanent. It’s a common theme for expats – the initial excitement and skepticism from those around them. As time passes, the reality of permanence settles in, but the journey is part of what makes it interesting.

Specialising in financial planning for expats

Transitioning to the heart of Amy’s expertise – financial planning for expats – Benjamin explores the unique challenges. Amy breaks down the misconception that financial planning is solely about numbers. In reality, it’s 20% numbers and 80% psychology. Amy delves into the emotional aspects of financial planning, highlighting the importance of understanding clients’ fears, dreams, and unspoken desires.

Common mistakes and key considerations for Americans moving to France

Navigating the intricacies of financial planning for Americans moving to France, Amy provides invaluable insights. One common mistake revolves around property decisions. Amy stresses the significance of thinking hard about selling a house before the move, considering the unique tax treaty between the U.S. and France. She also touches upon the complexities of managing bankable assets and emphasises the advantageous tax treaties that France extends to Americans.

Controversial perspectives on choosing France as an expat destination

Amy sheds light on the controversial reasons many Americans might overlook France as an expat destination. She challenges stereotypes, pointing out the misconception of Paris being the representation of the entire country. Furthermore, she explores the American mindset of not feeling the need to leave the U.S. permanently and addresses the intimidation factor associated with French culture.

Choosing Rennes over Paris

Amy breaks free from the Parisian trap, explaining her decision to settle in Rennes, the capital of Brittany. Rennes boasts a vibrant culture, a growing economy, and a youthful energy that aligns with Amy’s vision. The discussion touches on the diversity of French regions and the importance of exploring beyond the usual tourist destinations.

How to reach out to Amy Witherbee

Wrapping up the episode, Benjamin provides an opportunity for listeners to connect directly with Amy. The Sanderling Expat Advisors’ website is designed to facilitate easy communication, ensuring a response within 24 hours.

In conclusion, Amy Witherbee provides a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for anyone considering a move to France or navigating the complexities of expat financial planning. This episode of the Just Jump Podcast delivers not only insights into the world of financial planning but also a deeper understanding of the psychology behind making significant life changes. If you’re considering taking the leap, this episode is a must-listen.

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