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The best countries to buy a property abroad

For British or American citizens looking to embark on the expat life, the dream of owning a property abroad becomes a tangible reality. This article explores the top countries to consider when looking to buy a property abroad. 

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urkey - The best countries to buy property abroad

Turkey: Booming opportunities

Turkey, with its unique blend of history, economic vitality, and breathtaking landscapes, stands out as an ideal destination for expats seeking a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. There are several compelling reasons why Turkey is considered one of the best countries for expats.

Low cost of living

Expatriates are drawn to Turkey due to its remarkably low cost of living. From daily expenses to housing, Turkey offers affordability without compromising on quality. This economic advantage allows expats to buy a property abroad and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without straining their finances.

Rich history and culture

Turkey’s rich historical and cultural heritage adds a unique dimension to the expat experience. Cities like Istanbul, with its blend of Eastern and Western influences, provide a vibrant backdrop for expats to immerse themselves in a diverse and captivating environment. From ancient landmarks to modern cultural festivals, Turkey offers a tapestry of experiences. 

Robust economy and booming real estate

The robust Turkish economy, coupled with a flourishing real estate sector, makes Turkey an attractive destination for property investment. Antalya, Bodrum and Bursa emerge as preferred locations, witnessing rapid growth in real estate development. Expats can capitalise on this growth, with property prices projected to surge by an impressive 70% by 2028. 

Coastal paradise

Turkey’s geographical allure is enhanced by its extensive coastline, stretching over 5,000 miles. This coastal paradise encompasses pristine beaches along the Mediterranean and Black Seas, offering expats a diverse range of seaside living options. Regions like Antalya, with its Mediterranean charm, become sought-after havens for those seeking a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle.

Warm hospitality

Expats moving to Turkey are welcomes with warm hospitality and a genuine friendliness from the local population. The sense of community and openness creates an inviting atmosphere, fostering a sense of belonging for individuals and families making Turkey their new home. 

Turkey’s combination of economic opportunities, cultural richness, coastal beauty and welcoming communities makes it a prime destination for expats looking for a fulfilling and diverse lifestyle. The nation’s ongoing economic growth and real estate boom further solidify Turkey’s position as an excellent choice for those seeking a new chapter in their expat journey. 


Greece: Post-financial crisis resurgence

Greece, with its post-financial crisis resurgence, has become an enticing destination for expats seeking stability, growth, and a high quality of life. Several factors contribute to Greece’s appeal as one of the best countries for expats.

Financial recovery and stable growth

Greece’s remarkable recovery from the 2007-8 financial crises positions it as an attractive destination for expats. The country has experienced stable growth, making it an opportune time for individuals and families to consider property prices still relatively lower than other European countries, expats can benefit from an upward trajectory in the coming years. 

Record-high foreign investment

Greece’s economy has witnessed a boost with foreign investment reaching record highs. This influx of external capital has not only contributed to economic recovery but has also elevated Greece’s status as a desirable location for expats. The increase in foreign investment, amounting to US$7.6 billion in 2023, reflects a growing confidence in the country’s potential. 

Thriving healthcare sector

Greece’s healthcare sector, known for its high standards, adds to the country’s attractiveness for expats. Access to quality healthcare services is a crucial consideration for individuals moving abroad, and Greece’s thriving healthcare sector ensures that expats can enjoy comprehensive medical care. 

Diverse locations for expats

Greece’s offers a variety of locations for expats to choose from, each with its unique charm. The capital city, Athens, stands out as a vibrant metropolis with a blend of ancient history and modern living. Thessaloniki, a high-tech coastal city, provides a dynamic lifestyle, while the greek islands, including Santorini, offer picturesque settings for those seeking island living. 

Digital nomad visa scheme and young professional influx

Greece’s introduction of a digital nomad visa scheme has attracted a wave of young professionals and remote workers. This initiative aligns with the evolving trends in remote work and positions Greece as a welcoming destination for those seeking a flexible and fulfilling professional life. 

Greece’s post-financial crises resurgence, coupled with its stable property growth, healthcare excellence, and diverse locations, establishes it as a top choice for expats to buy a property abroad. The blend of economic recovery, foreign investment, and lifestyle offerings positions Greece as an appealing destination for individuals and families looking to embark on a new chapter in their expat journey. 

United Arab Emirates: Beyond Dubai's Horizon

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), renowned for the opulence of Dubai, beckons expats to explore opportunities beyond the iconic city. With Ras Al Khaimah emerging as a property hot-spot experiencing tremendous growth, the UAE offers a host of advantages for expats.

Ras Al Khaimah's tremendous growth

While Dubai often takes centre stage, neighbouring Emirates like Ras Al Khaimah are experiencing a period of tremendous growth. Situated only an hour away from Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah has undergone significant development, particularly in areas like Mina Al Arab, Al Marjan Island, and Al Jazirah Al Hamra. The property market in these locations is poised for an impressive 21% growth in 2024, making Ras Al Khaimah a notable property hot-spot.

Tax-free environment

The UAE, including Ras Al Khaimah, offers expats the allure of a tax-free environment. This fiscal benefit allows individuals to maximise their incomes and enjoy a higher disposable income. The absence of income tax is a key incentive for expatriates seeking financial advantages in their chosen destination.

Luxurious living and diverse landscapes

Expats in the UAE, beyond Dubai, experience a lifestyle characterised by luxurious living and diverse landscapes. The country boasts a metropolitan way of life that draws inspiration from various cultures worldwide. The coastline, with its incredible beaches, and the presence of wild mountain ranges offer a blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication.

Rising popularity of neighbouring emirates

Dubai’s influence extends beyond its borders, leading to the rising popularity of neighbouring Emirates. Expatriates are increasingly considering locations like Ras Al Khaimah for residence and property investment. The growth in these Emirates provides expats with a range of options, allowing them to choose a location that aligns with their preferences and lifestyle.

Personal safety and expat-friendly environment

The UAE, including Ras Al Khaimah, is known for its commitment to personal safety and creating an expat-friendly environment. The country prioritises the well-being of residents, fostering a sense of security and comfort. For expats, this emphasis on safety contributes to a positive living experience.

The United Arab Emirates, extending its allure beyond Dubai, offers expats opportunities for growth, a tax-free environment, luxurious living, and diverse landscapes. The UAE are a perfect country to buy a property abroad. The rising popularity of neighbouring Emirates, particularly Ras Al Khaimah, adds to the appeal, providing expatriates with a wealth of options for a fulfilling and enriching life in the UAE.

Mexico: A dream destination​

Mexico: A dream destination

Mexico, ranking as the second-best country for expats in 2023, continues to captivate individuals seeking a dream destination to buy a property abroad. With a thriving economy, the introduction of a new digital nomad visa scheme, and a range of appealing features, Mexico emerges as an ideal haven for expatriates.

Thriving economy and digital nomad visa scheme

Mexico’s robust economy and forward-thinking initiatives, such as the digital nomad visa scheme, make it an attractive destination for expats. The country’s economic growth has led to increased foreign interest, fostering employment opportunities and creating a vibrant atmosphere for those looking to build a new life.

Affordable property prices

One of the standout features for expats in Mexico is the affordability of property. With an average property price of $215,000 in Mexico City, individuals can secure comfortable and attractive living spaces without breaking the bank. The cost-effectiveness of real estate in Mexico adds to its appeal for expatriates seeking financial advantages.

Expansive coastline and diverse cities

Mexico’s geographical diversity adds to its allure as an expat haven. Boasting an extensive coastline of 5,800 miles, expats have the opportunity to choose from a variety of coastal regions, each offering its unique charm. Whether it’s the expat-friendly locations of Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, or Mérida, or the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, the country caters to diverse preferences.

Cultural richness and laid-back lifestyle

Mexico’s cultural richness and laid-back way of life contribute to its status as a dream destination. From the vibrant traditions and festivals to the renowned Mexican cuisine, expatriates can immerse themselves in a culturally enriching experience. The relaxed pace of life adds a sense of ease, making it an ideal setting for those seeking a balance between work and leisure.

Opportunities in a thriving environment

Mexico’s thriving economy has not only attracted expats seeking residential opportunities but has also become a hub for employment. Major companies choosing to establish manufacturing centres in Mexico have contributed to a surge in employment, providing expatriates with various career prospects.

Mexico stands out as a dream destination for expats, offering a thriving economy, affordable property prices, an expansive coastline, diverse cities, cultural richness, and a laid-back lifestyle. The country’s commitment to creating a favorable environment for expatriates, coupled with its economic growth, positions Mexico as an enticing haven for those looking to embark on a new and fulfilling chapter in their lives.

Singapore - The best countries to buy property abroad

Singapore: The expat hub

Singapore, renowned as the original expat city, continues to stand out as an expat hub, offering a unique blend of high salaries, luxurious living standards, and a thriving property market, perfect to buy a property abroad.

High salaries and luxurious living standards

Singapore has built its reputation as an expat hub by offering high salaries and luxurious living standards. The city-state’s commitment to providing competitive remuneration attracts foreign professionals seeking financial benefits and a comfortable lifestyle. Despite the high cost of living, expatriates find Singapore to be a place where they can maximise their incomes and enjoy a high quality of life.

Property market boom and innovative designs

Singapore’s property market experiences a notable boom, presenting expatriates with opportunities to invest in real estate. The city-state’s skyline is adorned with high-density apartment blocks, known for their innovative designs and luxurious interiors. As the property market grows, these properties maintain their value and have witnessed significant increases, making them an attractive investment.

Excellent business environment

Singapore boasts an excellent business environment, actively encouraging entrepreneurialism. The city-state’s commitment to fostering a conducive business atmosphere has attracted professionals looking to establish and grow their ventures. Expatriates find Singapore to be a dynamic and thriving place for career opportunities and business endeavours.

Quality healthcare and safety

Singapore is recognised for its top-tier healthcare system, often cited as one of the best globally. Expatriates benefit from access to quality medical services, contributing to their overall well-being. Additionally, Singapore’s commitment to safety and security enhances the expat experience, providing a sense of comfort and assurance.

Property values holding strong

In the midst of Singapore’s property boom, the values of properties remain robust. Expatriates investing in the real estate market find that their properties hold their value well, offering stability and potential for returns. The city-state’s commitment to urban planning and development ensures that the real estate landscape continues to be attractive for expatriates.

Singapore maintains its status as the original expat hub, offering high salaries, luxurious living standards, a thriving property market, an excellent business environment, quality healthcare, and a commitment to safety. Expatriates looking for a dynamic and prosperous city find Singapore to be a compelling choice, where they can thrive both personally and professionally.

Final notes

Choosing the best country to buy property abroad involves considering economic growth, lifestyle preferences, and real estate opportunities. Whether it’s Turkey’s booming economy, Greece’s post-crisis resurgence, the diverse landscapes of the UAE, Mexico’s dreamy lifestyle, or Singapore’s expat-friendly environment, each country offers unique advantages for expats seeking a new chapter in life. As property markets evolve, these top picks present opportunities for a fulfilling expat experience.

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