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Exploring Brittany’s real estate landscape

Bertrand from BPS Immobilier recently joined Ben Small on the Just Jump podcast to share insights into the real estate scene in Brittany. With over 32 years of experience, Bertrand delved into the unique aspects of his agency and the evolving trends in the market.

Establishing BPS Immobilier

Bertrand co-founded BPS Immobilier three decades ago, initially focusing on the medieval market towns around Britany. Over the years, they expanded their network within a 30-kilometer radius, concentrating on the Brittany region. The decision to focus on this specific area stemmed from the market demand, especially from British clients attracted by the region’s accessibility and charm.

Brittany's appeal

Bertrand highlighted Brittany’s allure, emphasizing its proximity to the UK, ease of access via road networks and flights, and a diverse landscape featuring beautiful beaches, undulated countryside, and historic towns. The region’s distinct blend of space, greenery, and slower-paced life continues to draw people seeking a change from bustling urban environments.

Changing trends in property preferences

Discussing shifts in property preferences, Bertrand noted a transition from the previous trend of renovating old, derelict properties to a growing interest in homes that require less extensive work. UK purchasers now tend to focus on properties that are move-in ready, with minimal renovations, reflecting a change from the earlier enthusiasm for ambitious renovation projects.

Market dynamics and future expectations

Bertrand acknowledged the recent challenges in the market, including rising interest rates and a slowdown in demand. However, he expressed optimism that the correction in prices, after a 25% increase over the past three years, would bring balance back to the market. Despite uncertainties, he believes that people’s ongoing need for new homes and projects will keep the market resilient.

Looking ahead

While the first part of the year may be cautious, Bertrand anticipates a gradual improvement as the market finds its equilibrium. He emphasized the importance of patience and highlighted the enduring demand for homes, as individuals and families naturally progress through different life stages.

Connect with BPS Immobilier

Bertrand welcomes inquiries and can be reached via their Facebook page BPS Immobilier or through email at [email protected].

Exploring Brittany’s real estate landscape with Bertrand from BPS Immobilier provides valuable insights for those considering a move to this picturesque region. The podcast conversation not only sheds light on market trends but also offers a glimpse into the unique charm that continues to make Brittany an appealing destination for homebuyers.

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